We recorded this album to tape at Jordan’s house.  Jordan’s room was converted into our “live room”, where we performed the songs.


The guitar amps, with their own mics, went in an adjoining room to minimize any bleed into the drum mics.  As you can see in the picture below, we recorded to an 8-track tape machine (TASCAM 388), which sat atop our recording rig, situated in a third room.   We ended up dividing the 8 tracks on the tape machine into:

5 tracks for drums (Jordan)

1 track for bass (Don)

2 tracks for guitars (Matt and Alex)


To get a better idea of the layout of the 3 rooms, and what each of them was used for, we drew this highly detailed, highly stylized blueprint.

The most recording time we could squeeze out of a standard 1800 ft. ¼” tape (on this machine) was about 45 minutes.

Paul RIG.jpg  

We decided the best (and most fun) thing to do was record a set of songs nearly as long as the tape would allow.

In order to do this, one of us hit record on the tape machine and then ran into the “live room”, at which point we would start the set.

Once the set was finished, one of us would run out to the tape machine and press stop before the tape had time to unreel….sometimes we didn’t make it.

We split the signal in a way that allowed us to record 8 tracks to tape and ProTools simultaneously.  Having both gave us the option to choose digital in the event that tape didn’t sound as good…but we picked tape every time. 

We recorded the set 5 times, and ultimately picked the last performance as the foundation for the album.  

From there, we overdubbed:

-extra guitars and percussion (recorded at Jordan’s)

-keyboards and piano (recorded at Alex’s and Matt’s) 

-vocals (recorded at Matt’s)

We mixed and mastered the songs at Alex’s house.