We will be playing a show at Los Globos with Givers & Takers on May 14th.



On January 18th we will be performing at HOWL AT THE MOON     (Universal Citywalk)!  Check out the CALENDAR section for all the details!



On November 18th we will be playing a show at THE BOOTLEG THEATER with our friends, Young Creatures and Dr. Doctor!  Check out the CALENDAR section for all the details! 



We booked our first show in over 2 years!  It's going to be for the release of our hand-cut LP, "Return To Zero", so we are going to play the album top to bottom!  Origami is by far our favorite LA record shop so we are beyond stoked to have our records available there.  Check out the CALENDAR section for more details on the show.



What’s a “gobo”?

Gobos are sound baffles...essentially moveable walls or barriers that help “treat” the acoustics of a room for recording audio.  They are made in a variety of sizes and out of a wide variety of materials, but there are really two main types: reflective and absorbent.  The reflective gobos are made to redirect and block sound waves, their surfaces are generally made of dense, smooth material like wood or plaster.  The absorbent gobos are made to capture and extinguish sound waves, and their surfaces are generally made of porous, fibrous material like cloth or foam.   

So what? 

Before we recorded Return To Zero, we built a set of six gobos (the absorbent kind).


Because we recorded the album at our homes, in rooms that were not built with acoustics in mind, and the modular nature of sound baffles means a recording session can rely a little less on a room’s blueprint.  We focused on sound absorption rather than reflection because we wanted to “deaden” the acoustics of the rooms (which were mostly squares).

Each gobo we built is a 3.5’ x 3.5’ square, and they are wide enough for one to be stacked on another so that we can make a 7’ vocal booth like this: 

We started by building six 3.5’ x 3.5’ wood “outer” frames.  Sawing, staining, and shellacking.

Then we built two smaller, thinner “inner” frames for each “outer” frame.  These were backed with soundboard and particle board, then stuffed with rock wool.

Rock wool is NOT fiberglass.  This is baby-safe and fire-resistant.  If Donald was a hot baby, he’d still be able to do what he’s doing right here- 

The entire “inner” frame was then wrapped in burlap to keep the rock wool in place.  As you can see from some of the pictures, half of the “inner” walls have tan burlap and the other half have brown, and each gobo got both walls.  Peanut butter & chocolate. 

Finally the “inner” frames were placed in the “outer” frames, back to back, allowing for an inch of space between the backing of one inner frame and the backing of the other.

Ultimately, they turned out like this: 

Click the picture below to check out our gobos in action on our YouTube channel’s “Unplugged” videos! 



Here are two unplugged performances of "Love Is Only Waiting" and "End Of The Bargain" from our newest vinyl EP.  Enjoy! 



Today our new EP, featuring "Love Is Only Waiting" and "End Of The Bargain", is officially released into the world!  You can click this picture of the album cover to order yours...


Also, you can watch our new music video for "Love Is Only Waiting" (shot and directed by us!) by clicking on the picture below...


Our second EP is available for pre-order TODAY! Every record is hand-cut, numbered, signed, and dated by us. This 45rpm vinyl features the songs "Love Is Only Waiting"(side A) and "End Of The Bargain" (side B). This first batch is limited to 50 copies and shipping begins June 3rd. You can purchase it now at our store or click HERE.

We also recently filmed a music video for the single "Love Is Only Waiting" from this EP. We had a lot of fun making it and we hope to have it up soon! Here's a little image from the shoot.



Today we received some love from Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands.LA!!!  

Read the full article HERE



Here is an unplugged performance of "For My Lady", the B Side of our first 7" record.  Enjoy.



We have begun cutting our very own vinyl records!  They will be available in 10 days!  That’s right!  We, Infantree, from here on out will be personally hand-cutting each and every vinyl record we sell!  Let’s talk about how this new situation developed….


Since we stopped working with a record label in 2012, we had to rethink how we would distribute our new music, particularly in physical formats.  In our opinion, CD’s have short life spans, they are obsolete, cold and typically end up scratched beyond repair.  A vinyl record is long lasting, warm, and something to be cared is the only physical format worth worrying about.  This being said, we have put all our attention and resources into making sure we can always produce vinyls.  Now, after a whole lot of time and love and very precise measurements, we are ready to begin production!

All the records are being cut on this beauty!

About a year ago we went to Germany to train with Ulrich Sourisseau, the vinyl master!


None of us speak German or had been to Europe before, and we were heading for a small rural town, well off the beaten path.  There, we learned how to cut and master our own vinyl records from the man himself.


We have spent the last year tirelessly preparing to manufacture and distribute these hand-cut albums with the highest possible quality, directly from us to you.

Each record is a master cut, done in real-time, with great care.  Meaning, if the album takes 45 minutes to listen to, it took us at least 45 minutes to cut.  This keeps our batch sizes limited, but we intend to cut records as many hours a week as possible!

We, the guys in the band, are currently cutting the first batch of singles RIGHT NOW!

The first single (Changing Hands/For My Lady) will be available on Record Store Day, April 18th!  The Vinyl Section of our store opens this Saturday, the 11th, for pre-sale!



The idea behind this video was for us to do our little dance while performing in front of a black backdrop.

This was a more difficult visual to achieve than we thought it would be, and we toyed with some unsuccessful ideas including black construction paper and black trash bags.

We ultimately got our backdrop by filming at night in front of Matt’s garage.  The garage door was left open and we hung a flood light directly above it, so you couldn’t see what was inside. 

There were several issues with framing though, because we would have to be dancing around so much!  


Luckily, we had an amazing 2-man crew (Paul Mocey-Hanton, Jon Walter Mocey-Hanton) who really made the whole music video come together.


The video was filmed over the course of one night, so technically speaking, we danced all night (and we hope you do too). 






We recorded this album to tape at Jordan’s house.  Jordan’s room was converted into our “live room”, where we performed the songs.


The guitar amps, with their own mics, went in an adjoining room to minimize any bleed into the drum mics.  We recorded to an 8-track tape machine (TASCAM 388), which sat atop our recording rig, situated in a third room.   We ended up dividing the 8 tracks on the tape machine into:

5 tracks for drums (Jordan)

1 track for bass (Don)

2 tracks for guitars (Matt and Alex)


To get a better idea of the layout of the 3 rooms, and what each of them was used for, we drew this highly detailed, highly stylized blueprint.

The most recording time we could squeeze out of a standard 1800 ft. ¼” tape (on this machine) was about 45 minutes.

Paul RIG.jpg  

We decided the best (and most fun) thing to do was record a set of songs nearly as long as the tape would allow.

In order to do this, one of us hit record on the tape machine and then ran into the “live room”, at which point we would start the set.

Once the set was finished, one of us would run out to the tape machine and press stop before the tape had time to unreel….sometimes we didn’t make it.

We split the signal in a way that allowed us to record 8 tracks to tape and ProTools simultaneously.  Having both gave us the option to choose digital in the event that tape didn’t sound as good…but we picked tape every time. 

We recorded the set 5 times, and ultimately picked the last performance as the foundation for the album.  

From there, we overdubbed:

-extra guitars and percussion (recorded at Jordan’s)

-keyboards and piano (recorded at Alex’s and Matt’s) 

-vocals (recorded at Matt’s)

We mixed and mastered the songs at Alex’s house.



Today is the day!  We have officially released our new album called Return To Zero!  You can listen to it right now on the MP3 player to the right.